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Welcome to my site! Apeiro Lightworks is my personal project dedicated to combating the Illuminati deep state, ending the mass brainwashing and bringing real information to the public. This site is intended to serve as a hub/portal to help those who are just ‘waking up’ find their way on the internet unto more information. Why am I doing this? Because:


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… it’s kind of important that you know about this.


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This site is brand new and under construction; will soon include much more information and options.

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JEG STØTTER PARTIET JFK21. Det står for mig som det klart bedste bud på et dansk initiativ til at få ryddet op i Danmark. Hjælp til, afgiv din vælger-erklæring til partiet allerede i dag! (tager to minutter og forpligter dig IKKE til at stemme på partiet, det handler kun om retten til at stille op!): WWW.JFK21.DK

Yderligere har jeg nu selv – i erkendelsen af JFK21 næppe når at indsamle 20.000 vælgererklæringer – offentliggjort min kandidatur som løsgænger ved Folketinget og forventer opstilling ved næste valg (2019). Mere information herom følger.



More relevant links with information on the Illuminati New World Order:


The King James Version of the Holy Bible. Whether you believe the words of the Bible or not, realize that the Illuminati are using it as a script for bringing about the end of the world. Having read the Book of Revelation is essential to understanding what is now transpiring.



Vigilant Citizen runs a large website dealing with many topics related to the conspiracy while specializing in analyses of symbolism used by celebrities and in mass media productions.


Screenshot_2018-09-21 What On Earth Is Happening

WOEIH host Mark Passio has a great deal of knowledge on the occult and Satanism. By his own admission, he used to be involved in dark occult circles, himself.




Theorized to be a name for positive forces in the US administration (possibly Donald Trump himself) battling the Illuminati cabal, the controversial ‘Q’ posts cryptic updates for followers.




Stillness in the Storm features a large number of articles dealing with subjects such as spirituality, consciousness, conspiracy and more.


GeoengineeringWatch banner

GeoengineeringWatch is host Dane Wigington’s attempt to alert the public to the worldwide clandestine geoengineering projects being imposed on the public.



Clifford E. Carnicom holds a lengthy Curriculum Vitae, including with the US Department of Defense, and conducts specialized, high-level research into the socalled ‘chemtrail’ (geoengineering) phenomenon and its effects.